Frequently Asked Questions

Horseback Riding FAQ

Absolutely! We have horses for every level of rider. Our experienced staff will also teach you basic horse riding skills and be there to answer your questions and assist you.

Guests and visitors weighing 250lb or less may participate in our riding program.

Yes. Children 4 to 7 MUST ride tandem with a parent or guardian. Anyone 9 and older will be given their own horse. Children at the age of 8, depending on experience, may ride tandem with a parent or guardian or ride their own horse.

It is suggested that you wear comfortable pants and closed-toe shoes with a small heel. Sneakers are permitted but not advised. NO OPEN FLIP FLOPS OR HIGH HEELS.

Yes. All guests are required to wait for a staff to help them mount the horse. There is a large mounting block with handrails for people who need a little more help.

All of our horses available for guests to ride undergo prior training to assess their temperament and readability. This allows us to accurately pair horses and riders. All of our guest horses are sweet-tempered, calm-natured, and easy to interact with.

Yes. Children 14 and older may ride with a guide without a parent present but must remain with a guide for the duration of the ride.

No, for the health and safety of the mother and child we do not allow pregnant women to ride.  If you are pregnant and have already made a booking, please contact us immediately.

Yes, if you are competent.  While not guaranteed, we do allow guests who are able, if the trail conditions allow for it, to be able to trot and canter on our trails. We do not allow guests to trot or canter in the pastures at any time.

Yes, we do require reservations for all horseback riding, overnight stays, or meals.

In total, each experience is about 2.5 to 3.5 hours long. Depending on the number of people riding it can take about 30 to 45 minutes to retrieve your horse, assist with brushing and tacking and get on. The ride time officially starts when you are on your horse and lasts either 1 or 2 hours from that point. The ride time ends when you arrive back at the barn and dismount. After that, it can take 15 to 20 minutes to assist with unsaddling and returning your horse to their pastures.

We ride 7 days a week 364 days per year at 9:15 am and 2:15 pm. Check-in is 30 mins prior to your scheduled ride time.  In the winter months, morning ride time may be a little later, this will be made clear at the time of booking.

In summer we advise that you bring a water bottle and sunscreen.  In the winter please bring a warm jacket and gloves. You are also more than welcome to bring treats for the horses (apples, carrots, and peppermints). Click here to download a comprehensive “what to wear guide”

As per Georgia law, riders 18 and over are not required to wear a helmet however it is always recommended. The ranch does provide helmets of all sizes that are cleaned and sanitized regularly but you are welcome to bring your own horse riding helmet. NO BICYCLE HELMETS.

  1. Please call and notify us if you think you will be late. If you are less than 30 minutes late, it may still be possible to get you on the ride, however, you will miss out on the full experience.

You may get a rain check from the office that is good for a whole year to come back and ride on a later date or you may choose to ride in the rain. Please note that the trails are closed during and immediately after periods of rain. You may choose to ride but it will be walking only in our large, rolling green pastures around the farm and not on the trails.

Yes, we do allow visitors to bring their dog(s) to the property.   if you are passing through don’t wish to leave your dog(s) in your vehicle,  please call ahead and let us know so we may have a horse stall set up for you. Dogs are not allowed on trail rides under any circumstances. If your dog is not in your vehicle or in a horse stall it must be on a leash.

We do not allow day riders to bring their own horses, but if you are staying overnight at our guest ranch, you may bring your own horse(s).   We allow staying guests only to bring either mares or geldings, no stallions are allowed. Stall board is an additional $20/per night per stall. You will also need a copy of the horse’s Coggins and 5 – way vaccine for each horse. (Eastern Equine Encephalomyelitis, Western Equine Encephalomyelitis, Tetanus, Influenza, and Equine Herpesvirus)

Yes!  Southern Cross Guest Ranch offers 16 guest rooms and a two-bedroom family suite. For more information and online booking visit


Borders are more than welcome to come to visit their horses anytime. The barn is staffed from 9 am to 5:30 pm daily. The barn manager does live on-site if you need any help after hours.

Yes. If you have your own horse for your friend, they may join you anytime. If you would like to use one of the ranch horses you will need to make a reservation.

The stable area is open daily from 9 am to 5:30 pm. If you’d like to speak with a manager an appointment can be made by calling the front office at 706 342 8027.

Our wonderful and knowledgeable staff is here daily and the barn manager lives on site.

Full stall board is $400 per month. This price includes feedings twice daily with custom grain and coastal hay, general supplement (built-in our custom grain), worming every 3 months, honeycomb stall flooring, paved aisles, stall cleaned daily, bedding, daily turn out (weather permitting), blanketing (owner provided). Pasture board is $200 per month and includes wellness checks by the staff, full-time pasture access, and supplemental hay in the winter months. Both full and pasture boarders are granted access to the use of our large sand arena, 2 round pens, 6 miles of trails, locked tack room, and large wash rack. Trailer parking is also available. 

We do require the horse to be current on a 5-way vaccine, strangles, and have a current Coggins.

Yes within a 350-mile radius of the ranch, a transport fee of $2 per loaded mile is charged.

All horses are given a regular wellness check to assure they are in good health and free of any injuries. If a horse is found to be ill or injured you will be notified immediately. Our vet is Piedmont Equine Associates, located 10 minutes from the ranch.    

The trails, arena, and pastures are open for boarders to use at any time. If you wish to use a guest horse for a friend or family member we offer 2 rides daily at 9:15am and 2:15pm.  


While Southern Cross Ranch itself does not offer training services, our on-site trainer, Weston Detienne, does offer his services privately.

Yes, Weston Detienne offers those services as well.

Training takes place in the round pen, arena, and our trails.

We suggest a minimum of 3 months for a good, broke trail horse. If there is something else you would like your horse to learn, we can add additional month(s) to fit you and your horse’s needs.

Our horses

Yes please contact, Wes at 7064744390 or [email protected] and Lance at 7064740210.

All sales are final. Vet examinations are encouraged but not mandatory. A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to hold a horse, the remaining amount is due before the horse will be released. If the horse does not pass vet examination your deposit will be refunded or moved to another horse of your liking. 

The ranch travels to auctions monthly and has various horses for sale at any given time. Please visit our sales page to see what we currently have. If you do not see something that fits your needs please feel free to contact Weston or Lance. We may have new stock that is not posted yet or they can find a horse that fits your needs.

Either Lance or Wes would be more than happy to speak with you about your horse for sale.

It is not required but it is recommended that you obtain a uterine culture on your mare to help ensure a successful conception. Mare must be currently in a heat cycle or entering a heat cycle upon arrival. Stud fee is due upon drop-off and before breedings take place.

No. It is recommended but not required. You are free to set up a time to haul in for breeding. 

Yes. It is $20 a day and includes twice-daily feedings, daily stall picking, and basic care.

It is recommended that you keep your mare here until they have finished a heat cycle.